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Data Industrial was purchased in 2001 by Badger Meter. Badger Meter continues to manufacture the Data Industrial line and is a leading manufacturer and marketer of flow measurement and control products, serving water utilities, municipalities and industrial customers worldwide.

Series 310 Programmable Analog Transmitter
The Series 310 is a loop powered, programmable transmitter capable of converting the signal from Data Industrial flow sensors to a linear 4-20mA analog signal.

Brochure - Data Industrial Model 310 Programmable Analog TransmitterProgrammable Analog Transmitter (Publication # RD17705 03/01)
(194 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - Model 310 Loop Powered Analog Output Transmitter Installation Guide by Data Industrial (Publication # PN#72019 03/20/03) (201KB - 5 pages)

Series 500 Analog Transmitter
The Series 500 Analog Transmitter is a 4-20mA current converter. It is normally used as a loop-powered device for use with all Data Industrial non-magnetic flow sensors.

Analog TransmitterBrochure - Impeller Meters - Series 500 Analog Signal Transmitter Technical Brief (Publication # DTB-019-01 2-08) (404KB - 2 pages)

Manual - Series 500 Analog Transmitters by Data Industrial - Owners Manual (Publication # 2/95 PN 72806) (107 KB - 12 pages)




SDI Series Flow Sensor

SDI Series Flow SensorsSDI Series Flow Sensor
The Data Industrial SDI Series flow sensor offers unparalleled performance for liquid flow measurement in closed pipe systems in an easy to install economical package. Impeller sensors offer a quick response to changes in flow rate and are well suited to flow control and batch type applications in addition to flow monitoring.

Brochure - Impeller Products - SDI Series Flow Sensors - Technical Brief (Publication # DTB-002-01 1-05)
(136 KB - 2 pages)

DatasheetBadger Meter SDI Series Flow Sensor Datasheet (Publication #SEN-DS-01382-EN-07 5/17)
(335 KB - 8 pages)

Manual - SDI Series 200 Insert Style Flow Sensors User Manual – (SEN-UM-00215-EN-09 (May 2017) (1741 KB - 24 pages)

Model 220B (Brass) SensorBrass Sensor
The Model 220B (Brass) sensors are used in most general flow measuring applications in metallic, non metallic, or PVDF Pipes.

Brochure - Series 200 Insertion Flow Sensors (Publication # 062101) (89 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - 200 Series Insert Style Flow Sensors by Data Industrial - Owner's Manual (Publication # PN# 72020 12/10/02 Rev C1)
(185 KB - 16 pages)

Series 1500Compact Digital Flow Monitor
Compact Digital Flow Monitor
An economical, compact digital meter displays flow rate and flow total on alphanumeric display. Calibration, selection of measurement units and output programming is menu driven using keypad.

Brochure - Impeller Products - Series 1500 Flow Monitor Technical Brief (Publication # DTB-023-01 2-08) (263 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - Series 1500 Owners Manual by Data Industrial (Publication # PN# 72007 REV D 11/25/02) (134 KB - 11 pages)


Older Versions

Manual SDI Series Insert Style Flow Sensors Owner’s Manual By Data Industrial Corporation (Publication # PN# 72034 06/02/04 Rev B9) (452 KB - 24 pages)

Manual SDI Series 200 Insert Style Flow Sensors User Manual – (SEN-UM-00215-EN-09 (November 2014) (1.89 MB - 28 pages)