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Since its founding in 1983,
Benshaw has grown to become the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of mission critical motor controls. Benshaw products now blanket the globe with more than 250,000 units installed and operating.
Benshaw’s RB series solid state starter combines the high performance MX2 or MX3 technology with a rugged, compact, integral bypass RB series power section.
The MX2 or MX3 technology provides users with a powerful group of programming parameters, designed for flexibility across a wide range of applications.
Key Advantages:

  • Multiple starting ramps for various applications
  • Integral bypass contactors for efficient operation, eliminating the need for external fans
  • Integrated motor protection
  • Dual ramp capability for loaded / unloaded applications

Brochure - Intelligent Low Voltage Solid State Motor Control Products with next generation MX2/MX3 technology
(Publication # BCAM-06-007-01)
(1,906 KB - 16 pages)

Manual RediStart Solid State Starter Condensed User Manual – MX2 Control (890034-01-02) 9.21 MB - 222 pages
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Manual - RediStart Solid State Starter User Manual
Control (Publication #: 890034-01-00)
(966 KB - 146 pages)

Manual - MX3 Control Quickstart Reference Guide For The LCD Display (Publication # 890034-05-00) (717 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - MX2 Control Quickstart Reference Guide For The Integral LED/LCD Display (Publication # 890034-04-00)
(627 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - RediStart Solid State Starter Software Manual MX Control (Publication # 890023-01-02) (1,455 KB - 174 pages)

Manual - RediStart Micro II Instruction Manual RSM6/6B/7/7B Series (Publication # 890015-02-08) (966 KB - 146 pages)

Manual - Micro II DeviceNet For Rev#4.1 Installation, Operation, and Troubleshooting Manual (Publication # 890002-18-00) (463 KB - 28 pages)