Field Service and Product Support

Delivering outstanding service is one of the primary goals for Torrent Engineering and Equipment. From the first phone call or email, our staff strives to make your experience with Torrent an excellent one.

These services include:

  • 24 Hour Support
    We have trained personnel to answer your questions 24 hours a day. No matter the time zone you’re in or the hours you’re working, we can answer your questions about your Torrent system. Often, a phone call or an email can provide a solution without incurring the expense of a service call.
  • Authorized Regional Service
    Down time is costly. Equipment needs to be up and running to keep your business operating smoothly and profitably. With our regional service technicians, having a qualified person at your site as quickly as possible is the norm. Each technician is trained and equipped to diagnose any challenges that may arise.
  • On-Site Recommendations and Repairs
    Once your problem is diagnosed, our techicians will make recommendations to solve the problem. With authorized repairs, they will get any parts that you need and install them as it fits into your schedule.
  • On-Site Retrofitting
    When the budget doesn’t allow for a completely new system, retrofitting may be the answer. Existing infrastructure and components may be used in the upgrade. The upgraded system can be for expansion or to bring the existing system up to current standards.
  • Start-Up and Training
    Torrent technicians perform the initial system start-up and personnel training. All start-up technicians thoroughly train your staff in the proper use of the equipment. The operations manuals provided are reviewed and explained. Maintenance of the different components is discussed. This service can save many hours of frustration and unnecessary expense.