Torrent utilizes a wide variety of industry standards and specifications as dictated by the application and manufacturing process. These are a few of the more common and widely utilized standards;


The NEC (National Electric Code) is a national electrical standard which dictates the application and design of electrical systems including distribution panels, wiring and conduit, grounding systems, and other related electrical equipment. The specification was written to promote proper design and safety. Torrent is fully knowledgable and follows all applicable NEC codes.

API 1104

The API 1104 specification is a standard for process pipe welding written by the American Petroleum Institute. The standard is designed to promote proper welding techniques and pipeline safety. Torrent has developed an in-house welding standard which is independently certified to meet the API 1104 standard. All pipe welding utilized in Torrent manufacturing is performed by welders which are 3rd party certified to meet our API 1104 based specification.

AWS D1.1

The AWS (American Welding Society) is the premier organization in structural steel welding materials and procedures. Similar to pressure pipe welding as described above, Torrent has developed an in-house structural steel welding procedure in accordance with the AWS D1.1 specification. And also similar to pipe welding, all Torrent structural steel welding is performed by welders which are 3rd party certified to meet our AWS D1.1 based specification.











Torrent also follows various industrial manufacturing and assembly standards as applicable.