Industrial & Agricultural Water Pumping Systems

Torrent Engineering & Equipment has a successfulIndustrial and Agricultural Pumping Station
history of building many different types of prefabricated pump systems for industrial needs. We build pump stations and energy efficient cooling towers for service in the industrial process water industry. Our controls systems are closed loop and can maintain a very narrow band of temperature fluctuation. Torrent has a successful history of designing and implementing the following solutions:

  • Our controls solutions integrate seamlessly with BACnet and LONworks when used in commercial buildings.
  • Torrent Engineering & Equipment systems are delivered on a prebuilt skid. The systems are complete and only need to be connected to power and plumbing lines.
  • Electrical distribution and motor controls are built in our panel shop. We build energy conscious motor controls with variable frequency drives and user friendly interfaces.
  • Our cooling towers are fitted with VFD’s on the fan motors to control the fan speed in the cooling tower. This allows the user to save on energy costs and improve output temperature stability.
  • Our pump skids and motor controls are also used in large livestock houses for water supply and cooling circulation water.
  • Dust control is an important part of maintaining healthy feedlots. Our pump stations are commonly used to supply dust control systems with a consistent supply of constant pressure water. Our control and valve solutions can be used to set up zones for incremental dust control.

Everyone at Torrent Engineering & Equipment wants to get your job right.  We know that attention to detail translates into successful projects and satisfied clients. We offer the highest degree of coordination, communication, and client contact which is why our customers continue to return for our expertise time and time again.