Mining & Evaporation

Torrent Engineering & Equipment serves the mining Mining and Evaporation
and evaporation industry with efficient and reliable pumping solutions. These pump stations provide dust control and evaporation systems with a consistent supply of constant pressure water.  Each application is unique and requires its own unique solution. We select pumps and controls to match the individual needs of each project. We offer the following features for our pump systems:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)to maintain constant system pressure regardless of demand.
  • Zone control to allow a pump station to sequence between groups of systems.
  • The pump control panels can be integrated with the head controls to allow the entire system to be operated and serviced from one control panel.
  • Our systems can operate at very high pressures when necessary. We look at each application to determine the individual needs of the project. 

Torrent uses readily available components and has shipped products around the world. Call us for your next dust control or evaporation project!