Motor Controls

Torrent Engineering and Equipment applies the latest technologies to provide the best performance in motor control systems. We specialize in large horsepower applications utilizing digital soft starters and AC variable frequency drives to lower energy costs, increase motor life and reduce overall system stress. And because we use high quality components from ABB, Benshaw and Allen-Bradley, you can rest assured your new system will be long lasting and easily serviceable worldwide.

Below is a sampling of various motor controls projects:

Wyoming Game & Fish

Tensleep, Wyoming

Motor control system

VFDs - Fish Hatchery Irrigation

The Wigwam Rearing Station needed two additional pumping stations to move creek water through their various ponds and raceways. Their specifications also called for a control system that included a VFD in each control panel. ABB's ACS550-U1 was chosen for the project.

Mountain Creek

Vernon, New Jersey

Motor control system

Soft Starter - Snowmaking

For Mountain Creek, 2005 was another year for major capital expenditures, which included a portion that went to the purchase of an in-line booster pump station complete with a duplex starter panel made with Benshaw soft starters.

Perisher Blue Ski Resort

New South Wales, Australia

Motor control system

Soft Starters & VFDs - Snowmaking

Perisher Blue chose to use two ABB VFDs (one 150 HP for the supply pump and one 350 HP for the one of the five snowmaking pumps) and five Benshaw soft starters to modernize and increase their snowmaking potential. A significant increase in energy efficiency was one of their goals.