Our Quality Policy

Torrent Engineering & Equipment is a global provider of prefabricated raw water pump stations with strong emphasis on custom engineered, high horsepower systems.
We are committed to satisfy customer needs by:

  • Complete understanding of the requirements
  • Designing according to these requirements
  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements during the production cycle
  • Controlling processes with tools and techniques that allow Torrent Engineering & Equipment and its suppliers to improve the system and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Proper application of equipment and systems based on years of experience and a broad knowledge of the specifications

Everyone at Torrent Engineering & Equipment wants to get your job done right. We know that attention to detail translates into successful projects and satisfied customers. We offer the highest degree of coordination, communication, and customer contact, which is why our customers continue to return for our solutions time and time again.

The quality management system is to be used by all Torrent Engineering & Equipment employees to raise standards, reduce waste and to make Torrent Engineering & Equipment a better place to work.

Torrent Engineering & Equipment will always be in aggressive pursuit of improvement for every aspect of the business.