Compressor Cooling Systems

Torrent Engineering and Equipment can provide compressor
cooling and support systems for a variety of industrial, municipal and recreational applications.
With over 50 years of cumulative experience, we offer a broad range of service and equipment products at the most competitive prices available.

Compressor cooling and support products include:

Mountain Creek   Whistler-Blackcomb Resort

Compressor cooling and support systems
Vernon, New Jersey


Cooling tower for compressor cooling
Whistler, British Columbi

Application:Cooling towers and controls for compressor cooling
Cooling towers and controls
for compressor cooling

With the escalating values of
real estate, Mountain Creek
needed to move their compressor building from the base
area to a more remote location. The new building
included cooling controls and Marley cooling
towers for the large compressors.


Cooling tower for compressor cooling

The large compressors at
Whistler needed additional
cooling with the large loads
they carried. The Evapco
cooling tower was instrumental
in keeping the compressors
working at peak performance.