Municipal Water Pumping

Torrent Engineering & Equipment designs and produces built to order municipal water pumping stations. We offer wet well and can booster  stations in all sizes. These systems can be built with vertical turbine, vertical inline, or horizontal centrifugal type pumps. Torrent has a proven history building robust raw water pumping solutions with the following features:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) maintain a constant system pressure regardless of flow requirements. VFD systems can also provide excellent level control.
  • Multiple pump systems can be implemented with different control styles.  The pumps can be started in stages as the demand increases or all pumps can operate on speed control.
  • The systems can be designed with redundancy and alternating start schedules to prevent premature wear on any one pump.
  • SCADA controls can be integrated into the system to integrate the pump station with existing municipal control systems.

Everyone at Torrent Engineering & Equipment wants to get your job right.  We know that attention to detail translates into successful projects and satisfied clients.  We offer the highest degree of coordination, communication, and client contact which is why our customers continue to return for our expertise time and time again.