• Prefabricated pump stations
  • Inline pumping systems
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations
  • Capacities:  to 1,000+ GPM
  • Pressures:  to 400+ PSI

Our prefabricated modular pumping systems remove many variables in the construction process by greatly reducing project management, purchasing and long hours of site time required with a build-in-place approach. All of Torrent Engineering & Equipment’s pumping systems are custom engineered for the specific application using time proven designs and concepts to provide a high quality solution at the most competitive price.


Snowmaking   Water transfer    Industrial & Municipal water supply   Irrigation

  • Prefabricated construction
  • Structural steel base with deck plate
  • Epoxy coated finish
  • Non-corrosive bolting
  • Individual pump isolation valves
  • System drain valve
  • Flow meter pipe spool with sensor
  • Available in 150#, 300# and 600# pressure ratings

Prefabricated modular pumping system


  • Station discharge isolation valve
  • Alternate flow meter spool location
  • Strainer and filtration modules/controls
  • Stainless  - non-corrosive (pumps, shafts, strainers, manifolds, enclosures, decking and other components)
  • Custom layouts and configurations
  • Complete weather proof pump station enclosures
  • 1” Hose bib valve
  • Complete portability

  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Variable speed pressure control
  • UL listed NEMA motor control and PLC controls
  • Service entry rated main power connection
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Input power line reactor
  • Allen-Bradley microprocessor controls
  • TorrentLogic pump control software
  • Graphic touchscreen operator interface for viewing station data
  • Interface access to all control set-points
  • Low water supply shutdown safety
  • Low discharge and high discharge shutdown safeties
  • Automatic time rotation of constant speed pumps
  • Line-fill ramp-up mode for filling empty lines
  • Time-stamped alarm log


  • Level control, pressure control or flow control
  • Automatic lake level and well pump controls
  • Multiple station networking and remote monitoring software
  • Integration with supervisory control software

Click below to view our Inline series general arrangemnt drawings:

1 Pump Inline
2 Pump Inline
3 Pump Inline

More Inline series General Arrangement drawings

15HP CR10-17 Single Horizontal
15HP CR10-17 Single Vertical
15HP CR10-17 Duplex Elevation
15HP CR10-17 Duplex
15HP CR10-17 Triplex
15HP CR10-17 Quadplex

25HP CR15-12 Single Horizontal
25HP CR15-12 Single Vertical
25HP CR15-12 Duplex Elevation
25HP CR15-12 Duplex
25HP CR15-12 Triplex
25HP CR15-12 Quadplex

25HP CR20-10 Single Horizontal
25HP CR20-10 Single Vertical
25HP CR20-10 Duplex Elevation
25HP CR20-10 Duplex
25HP CR20-10 Triplex
25HP CR20-10 Triplex Elevation
25HP CR20-10 Quadplex
25HP CR20-10 Quadplex Elevation



40HP CR32-11 Single Horizontal
40HP CR32-11 Single Vertical
40HP CR32-11 Duplex Elevation
40HP CR32-11 Duplex
40HP CR32-11 Triplex
40HP CR32-11 Triplex Elevation
40HP CR32-11 Quadplex

60HP CR45-8 Single Horizontal
60HP CR45-8 Single Vertical
60HP CR45-8 Duplex Elevation
60HP CR45-8 Duplex
60HP CR45-8 Triplex
60HP CR45-8 Quadplex

60HP CR64-5 Single Horizontal
60HP CR64-5 Single Vertical
60HP CR64-5 Duplex Elevation
60HP CR64-5 Duplex
60HP CR64-5 Triplex
60HP CR64-5 Triplex Elevation
60HP CR64-5 Quadplex