Helpful Files in Design

These pdf files are provided as a guide only and Torrent is not responsible for their misapplication. Please consult a qualified engineer for your exact requirements.

Common Conversions
Helpful Formulas
Noise Levels

US to Metric Wire Sizes Table
Current vs. Wire and Conduit Size Table
NEMA and IP Rating Chart

Pipe Flow Capacity Table
Pipe Volume Capacity Table
Friction Factors and Calculation
Pipeline Unit Cost Estimator
Snowmaking Pipe Sizes and Pressure Ratings
Ductile Iron Pipe Chart
HDPE Pipe Chart
C900 PVC Pipe Chart
Strainer Screen Size Chart

Recommended Wet Well Intake Sizing
Pump Spec Data Sheet

Snow to Water Conversion Table
Snowmaking Water Requirement Table
Trail Acreage Calculator

General Arrangement Drawings

High pressure series general arrangement drawings:

Low pressure series general arrangement drawings: