KROHNE Inc. is currently headquartered in Beverly, MA and serves its North American markets through a  network of representative, distributors and direct sales personnel.  Our mission is to provide unparalleled application expertise, on-time delivery, and cost effective quality products so that we can exceed our valued customers' expectations.   

OPTIFLUX 2000 Electromagnetic flow sensor


Flow measurement

Flowmeters, flow controllers and flow accessories

For all industrial process applications

From cost-effective mechanical indicators to very advanced flow instrumentation

Maintenance and service tools, flow computers and other accessories for flow measurement

Flow sensors - For flowmeters

For combination with ultrasonic, electromagnetic or Coriolis mass flow signal converters

Different designs and wetted materials

Quick Start Guide - Krohne Optiflux 2000 Electromagnetic flow sensor (7309842500) 430 KB - 24 pages

Handbook - Krohne Optiflux 2000 Elecromagnetic flow sensor (4000839502)  526 KB - 44 pages

Quick Start Guide - Krohne IFC 100 Signal converter for electromagentic flowmeters (4000124104-QS IFCMA IFC 100 R04 en) 994 KB - 32 pages

Handbook Krohne IFC 100 Signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeters (07/2010 - 4000041004 - MA IFC 100 R04 en) 3.20 MB -  116 pages