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Bray Controls offers butterfly valves and actuators needed for a variety of flow control solutions. The modular product line of butterfly valves and actuators provides the best in compatibility, economy and quality performance in the flow control industry. The butterfly valves and actuators, as well as the Bray-line accessories, combine advanced features with compactness and strength.

Brochure - Bray - Valves / Actuators - Complete Product Line / Brayline Accessoires (Publication # B-1008-EN 06-08) (518 KB - 6 pages)

Series 40 Butterfly Valve

2.5” - 54” (65mm -1400mm)Butterfly Valve
The Bray/McCannalok high-performance, high-pressure, high and low temperature butterfly valve. Full rated ANSI Class 150, 300 & 600 valves in wafer and lug bodies. The unique, two part seat design features an energized O-ring fully encapsulated in the RTFE seat for bidirectional bubble-tight shut-off under high pressure, low pressure and vaccuum.

Brochure - Bray Series 40-45 Wafer & Lug Bodies (Publication # B-1023-EN 9/08)
(1,805 KB - 10 pages)

Manual - Bray Controls Recommended BFV Installation, Maintenance & Repair Procedures (Technical Bulletin No. 1025 December 1996) (203 KB - 7 pages)


Series 70 Electric Actuator

The Series 70 Electric Actuator is a low profile, compact and powerful actuator with unique, customer-friendly features. Bray’s rugged electric actuators are powered by high-torque, permanent split-capacitor, reversible induction motors. All motors have UL approved thermal overload protection.
Electric Actuator
Brochure - Bray Series 70 Rugged Electric Actuator
for Rotary Valves (Publication #
B-1016 EN 10/08)

(1,641 KB - 12 pages)

Manual - Bray Series 70 2nd Generation Electric Actuator Operation and Maintenance Manual (Publication # OM-70-001 11/2005) (2,386 KB - 23 pages)

Manual Operators

Manual OperatorBray Controls offers several operators for manual control of Manual Operator
valve position. All manual operators mount directly to Bray valves, and all are epoxy coated for excellent corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance.

Brochure - Bray Manual Operators (Publication # B-1025_S1-4-5_EN_2008-08)
(463 KB - 2 pages)

(also see Rite-Pro, a subsidiary of Bray International, Inc., for check valves)