Hoffman Enclosures, Inc.

Hoffman is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications. Hoffman maintains a high standard of quality and operates under a global ISO 9000 certificate. Hoffman products comply with UL, NEMA, CSA and other international standards.

CONCEPT® Wall-Mounted Enclosures
CONCEPT enclosures house and protect your sensitive electrical or electronic components from harsh, dirty environments. For use in installations where dirt, dust, oil, water, or other contaminants are present.

CONCEPT Wall-Mounted Enclosures

Brochure - CONCEPT® Wall-Mounted Enclosures (Publication # Spec-00286 Rev. A 04/07) (725 KB - 10 pages)

Manual - CONCEPT® Wall-Mount Enclosure (Publication # Rev. E 116743 P/N 64303001 87563688) (369 KB - 12 pages)

Fluorescent Lighting Package
These low-profile light packages are available with either a manual or a door-activated switch. On door-activated switches, the circuit is closed (activates the light) when the enclosure door is opened.

Fluorescent Lighting

Brochure -Lighting (Publication # Spec-00014 Rev. C 12/07)
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Manual - Fluorescent Lighting Package (Publication # 87569108 Rev. J 116743 P/N 87568937) (543 KB - 16 pages)

Continuous Hinge CH Junction Boxes
Designed for use as electrical junction boxes, terminal wiring boxes, and instrument housings. Hinged doors provide convenient access. Boxes provide protection from dust, dirt, oil, and water.

Continuous Hinge CH Junction Boxes

Brochure - Continuous Hinge CH Junction Boxes (Publication # Spec-00272 Rev. A 04/07) (159 KB - 2 pages)

Free-Standing Type 12 Enclosures
Designed to protect electrical Free-Standing Type 12 Enclosuresand electronic controls, components, and instruments in typical industrial environments. The UL Type 12 rating protects enclosed equipment from dust, dirt, oil, and dripping water. These enclosures are used for housing motor starters, drives, contactors, and PLCs, as well as a wide variety of other electrical and electronic equipment.

Brochure - Free-Standing Type 12 Enclosures (Publication # Spec-00291 Rev. A 04/07) (612 KB - 6 pages)

Manual - Enclosure Alterations (Publication # 87569073 Rev. B 110539 P/N 99401677)
(45 KB - 2 pages)