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Whether using evaporative, dry air, shell and tube or plate and frame heat exchangers or a combination of cooling methods, HydroThrift can fulfill virtually any customer's industrial cooling need with an appropriate closed loop system. All HydroThrift systems are designed as packaged components to facilitate on-site installation.

Closed-Loop Dry-Type (CD) Cooling System
The Closed-Loop Dry-Type Cooling Sytem is a cost-efficient way to maintain consistent equipment cooling temperatures and prevent corrosion. Any heat-producing industrial process or equipment will benefit from the installation of this system. That's because the HydroThrift system removes heat from machines and processes continuously, cleanly and with little or no maintenance.

Brochure- HydroThrift Industrial Cooling Systems - cool engineering through research and technology  (Publication # none)
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Manual - HydroThrift Engineering Specifications - Closed Loop {Air Cooled} Dry-Type Cooling System (Publication # ES – CD/August 2002) (29 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - HydroThrift Closed-Loop Dry-Type Cooling System Piping & Instrument Diagram (Publication # PIDSTD-CD-02)
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Closed-Loop Dry-Type (CD) Cooling System

Closed-Loop Dry-Type (CD) Cooling System