MVC manufactures voltage surge protection products. Since 1988 MVC products have been hand made and tested with pride in the USA. This commitment to quality is mirrored by a commitment to serve their customers. MVC products extend the life of all connected electrical and electronic equipment by protecting from catastrophic voltage spikes and surges.

ICP Series

  • Voltage Applications - 12 VDC - 120 VAC
  • Typical Applications - AC Controls, Individual Circuits, Instrumentation

The ICP-SERIES AC or DC power line voltage suppressor was designed for individual circuit protection, such as PLC and solid-state controls. The ICP-Series offers one of the highest degrees of protection against line noise transients.

Brochure - ICP Series - ICP-110 Series No More Than 360 Watts (Publication # Rev. 5-03) (402 KB - 1 page)

Manual - ICP Surge Protection Device (110VAC & 12-24VDC) Installation Instructions  (288 KB - 1 page)



AC or DC power line voltage suppressor