Anderson Separator

Anderson AVS Series Vane Separators

ANDERSON SEPARATOR offers a broad variety of mechanical separators, including the Vane Type most used by Torrent Engineering & Equipment.

ANDERSON's "Pocket Style" vanes are ideal for liquid removal to 8 microns. Available in standard 316 stainless steel and other materials to meet your application requirements.

  • In-Line Vertical
  • Vertical Gas
  • Extremely Efficient Separation of Entrained Liquids and Mists from a Gas or Vapor Flow
  • 100% Removal of Liquid Particles 8.0 Microns and Larger
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Superior Design
  • Rugged Construction/Long Life
  • Stock or Custom Designed
  • No Maintenance

Brochure - Anderson AVS Series Vane Separators (Publication # Section: A100 - Bulletin: A100.10) 73 KB - 2 pages

Manual - Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions for Anderson AVS & AVGS Model Vane Separators (Publication # Section: A500 - Bulletin A500.10) 10 KB - 1 page