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Founded in 1982, Neilsen-Kuljian, Inc., became the first to Transducer
develop the low-cost solid-state current sensing technology that underlies the industry today. True to this heritage, NK Technologies has maintained a focus on developing and manufacturing innovative, cost-effective current sensing products designed to add value and to meet or exceed their customers’ performance expectations.

AT/ATR 3 & 4 Series
AT/ATR 3 & 4 Series Current Transducers combine a current transformer and a signal conditioner into a single package for applications from 200A to 2000A. The AT version is Average Responding for use on linear (sinusoidal) loads. The ATR version is True RMS for use on distorted waveforms found in VFD or SCR ouputs. Available in a solid-core case.

Brochure - AT/ATR 3 & 4 Series (Pages 22 & 23)
(138 KB - 2 pages)

Manual - Instructions - AT & ATR SERIES AC Current Transducers - Ranges 3 & 4 - 4-20mA Output, True RMS or Average Responding (Publication # AT/R-3/4-Inst. Rev 3, 8/00 P/N 29-200-0103) (66 KB - 2 pages)