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Motivair Corporation  specializes in the design, application and integration of high efficiency commercial and industrial cooling systems. Motivair's wide variety of chillers and closed loop cooling systems gives it a unique ability to select the best-suited product or combination of products in order to provide the ideal cooling solution for each individual customer.

MPC Water Chillers

MPC Water Chillers

  • Industrial Process Cooling
  • 1⁄2 - 60 Tons Capacity

The MPC chillers offer an unparalleled range of cooling capacities and available options that allow customers to select a chiller best suited to their needs. Designed with three goals in mind, reliability, flexibility and ease of use, the MPC range of water chillers has earned a quality reputation trusted around the world to provide reliable cooling for critical process applications.

Brochure - MPC Water Chillers - 1/2 - 60 tons capacity (Publication # 12/21/07)
(2,364 KB - 8 pages)

Manual - Motivair Air Cooled Chiller, Model: MPCA0005 – MPCA7200 - Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Instructions (Publication # 6/22/07) (953 KB - 41 pages)