Industrial Power Quality has been Sola/Hevi-Duty’s exclusive focus for more than 70 years. Sola/Hevi-Duty offers the right products to intercept and correct industrial power quality problems such as blackouts and voltage surges.

SDP Low Power DIN Rail Series

SDP Low Power DIN Rail Series
The compact, lightweight DIN Rail power supplies come in output voltages from 5 to 48 VDC and power ratings of up to 100 Watts. These extra small, efficient units are designed specifically for the industrial environment. Each unit is rated from -10ºC to 70ºC, with no derating necessary until after 60ºC.

Brochure - Power Supplies SDP™ Low Power DIN Rail Series (Publication # pages 118-120 4/7/2008) (192 KB - 3 pages)

Manual - SDP SeriesPower Supplies (Publication #P/N A272-063 Rev. 2 (November 19, 2007) (208 KB - 2 pages)

General Purpose TransformersGeneral Purpose Transformers

Energy efficient dry-type transformers 600 Volt Class, isolation type, single and three phase, 15 kVA through 500 kVA. Indoor and outdoor models available.

Brochure - Ventilated Distribution Transformers (Publication # pages 184-198 4/17/2008) (290 KB - 15 pages)

Transformer - SBE - Copper Wound, Open Style DesignTransformer - SBE - Copper Wound, Open Style Design
The open style SBE Series provides voltage regulation in excess of NEMA recommendations without exceeding 55°C Rise.
These higher power capacity transformers are the best choice when 80% or more of the load components are electromagnetic devices.

Transfomer - SBE Encapsulated Series

The SBE Encapsulated industrial control transformers are epoxy encapsulated to seal the transformer windings against moisture, dirt and industrial contaminants.

Brochure - Industrial Control Transformers - The SBE - Encapsulated Series (Publication # pages 161-166 4/9/2008) (446 KB - 6 pages)

Transformer - International SeriesTransformer - International Series

Electromagnetic control components demand inrush currents up to 10 times the transformers nominal rating without sacrificing secondary voltage stability beyond practical limits.

The International series transformers fully comply with IEC and NEMA standards and are available with IEC touchproof covers (IP20).

Brochure - Industrial Control Transformers - International Series Control Transformers (Publcation # pages 169-173 4/28-2008) (323 KB - 5 pages)

Manual for all transformers - Operation & Maintenance Recom-mendations for Low Voltage General Purpose Ventilated & Encap-sulated transformers (Publication # P/N 985555) (59 KB - 2 pages)