TorrentLOGICâ„¢ Process Control Software

Our software for pump control systems - TorrentLOGIC™ - the "brains" behind the PLC (programmable logic controller) - has many years of development and proven installations behind it. The software features include pressure control achieved by regulating the variable frequency drive (VFD) and the sequential starting and stopping of additional pumps to maintain the desired discharge pressure (also known as "setpoint"). Our specialty, the process control of large horsepower, high pressure water pumping systems, is one of the many capabilities of TorrentLOGIC software.

Customizing the existing program allows the Allen-Bradley PLC to monitor flow rate, well level, water temperature, building alarms, weather data, general monitoring functions and other instrumentation monitoring as desired by the customer. The software can also be written for compressor control and cooling panel control.

The primary operator interfaces used on the PLCs are the Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 and the PanelView 550. Remote interface solutions are also available.

software for pump control systems - TorrentLOGIC